Russian State TV Threatens With 500 Nukes?! “Why Do We Need The World if Russia Won’t Be In It?”

Leave it to Joe Biden to get the world in a nuclear war.

At least he can manage to make the worse out of a situation…

And just when we’ve thought he couldn’t do anything to make it worse – he goes and outdoes himself!

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Now, Russia is feeling the squeeze from US and NATO and Putin is backed into a corner, and lashing out.

Russia State TV just issued this chilling warning to the United States and all NATO countries:

“Russian state TV: “Our submarines alone can launch more than 500 nuclear warheads, which guarantees the destruction of the US and NATO for good measure. The principle is: why do we need the world if Russia won’t be in it?” ”

Human Events editor Jack Posobiec responded with: “US too. Submarine-launched nuclear missiles are a key factor of 2nd strike capability and Mutual Assured Destruction”

Here’s what people online are saying:

“US too, everyone knows it… But Russia is at war and EU and NATO are clearly supporting Ukraine. Ergo, they have “reason” to launch.”

“Did you hear this? They are saying if we are going to squeeze them out of the world who cares if there is one. That’s not good”

“It is horrendous we are all talking this way….but yet here we are.”


“Instead of that, we should end this war by not putting Ukraine in NATO. Issue resolved.”

“Joe Biden responds to Russia while on vaca for the weekend “we have submarines also, would you like ham and cheese or Italian?””

“Insanity. Stay the hell out. It’s not our fight and hasn’t been since 1991. Let the big talkers in Brussels fight if they desire. Russia has said for 25 years do not expand NATO towards their border with its war guarantee for each member.”

“So why is the United States egging him on. I’m sorry but I just don’t get that. Ukraine and Russia want to talk and the US isn’t having it. Are they trying to back Putin into a corner?”

“I haven’t heard any assurances from Biden or anyone that our nukes and defenses are up to code! I haven’t seen any pictures showing American readiness! When was the last time anything was tested? 1990???? Judgement day is coming.”

“Is this what Build Back Better means? Yikes”

“They’re saying if we can’t be be a part of the world then we’ll end the world.”

The rhetoric from Biden and his team of insane Millennials needs to stop.


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