Putin’s Warning on NATO: A No Fly Zone Will Be Seen As Their Participation In Escalating War

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that Western sanctions against Russia amounted to a declaration of war, and warned that any attempt to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine would be comparable to the country entering a state of war.

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Ukraine and Western countries have criticized this as a flimsy excuse for the invasion he launched on February 24 and have slapped a broad range of sanctions aimed at isolating Moscow from the international community.

Putin, stated in a speech to a group of female flight attendants at an Aeroflot training centre in Moscow: “These sanctions that are being imposed are equivalent to a declaration of war, but thank God it has not come to that.”

He stated that any attempt by another country to establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine would be viewed by Russia as a step into a military conflict with the country in question. According to NATO, Ukraine’s call for a no-fly zone would expand the conflict beyond the borders of Ukraine.

“There isn’t a single conscript, and we don’t intend for there to be any,” Putin stated emphatically. “Our army will do all of the missions assigned to it. That is something I have no doubt about. Everything is proceeding according to plan.”


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