Putin’s Secret War: Ukrainian Bioweapon Labs Exposed

During his SOTU, Biden claimed that the war in Ukraine is about defending “democracy.”

Well, the actions of our elites in the week since Putin attacked should give you a good idea about what they define democracy to be.

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“In the Czech Republic, their version of the attorney general says you can go to jail for three years if you defend Putin or Russia. In Slovakia next door, they’re threatening you with twenty-five years. The European Union has dropped a continent-wide ban on Sputnik and RT because they’re connected to the Russian government. Go on Twitter, and you can see plenty of people, some with tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers, who want to use this war as an excuse to ban Tucker Carlson or Fox News or whatever. And let’s be real, Fox News overwhelmingly sucks. I don’t even need to tell you what those creatures think should be done to programs like this one,” local reports have stated.

In fact, here’s something to keep in mind. This was posted on a social media site by a user calling himself “Dr. Sex.” Yeah yeah, I know, whatever. Anyway, here’s what he said.

Quote: “When liberals get excited seeing dead Russians and demand only the most brutal methods of killing them, they are thinking of you. For years now they have been linking you with Russia and with Russians. When they see dead Russians they get an orgasmic dopamine hit not only because people who are ostensibly hostile to the liberal system are suffering, but also because in their sick and twisted “revenge of the nerds” genocide of normal people, they’re the “plucky Ukrainian resistance fighter” and you are the “racist fascist white Russian man.” Do not forget that.”


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