President Trump’s Prediction Came True – Gas Prices Prediction Under Biden

“The Green Plot” was outcast as another ‘trespass’ of the former and real American President, Donald Trump, when all that he did, in fact, was carefully analyze and realize the consequences that are about to happen from Biden’s reign.

And they did, in fact.

Exactly as he said.

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There’s a reason Joe Biden cancelled President Trump’s amazing plan that had us nearly energy independent.

It’s because he wants to break the American nation and the people. And how he does that?

Well, by hitting the gas prices so high, we would lock our old vehicles and turn to electric cars.

Just for the Dems to keep filling their pockets and pushing through their Green New Deal scheme.

And that’s what’s happening now. The average price for a gallon of gas in America is 4 bucks… and at this rate, it’s expected to go up to 7 dollars a gallon really quickly and who knows where it’ll stop.

Here’s what people online think about this:

“Like the late Great Rush Limbaugh Trump is sadly right again about Biden.”

“Trump is literally a fortune teller”

“Trump was correct. The Dem establishment has positioned itself as the rearguard of globalist imperialism. Combined with an agenda of degrowth and climate colonialism, they would suppress consumption while sacrificing workers’ standards of living in favor of imperialist intrigue.”

“Whelp, this aged well. LOL”

“Joe didn’t get 81 million votes, but the 8 million who voted for him should feel really dumb right about now”

“Once again, Trump was right. And some of you hated the mean Tweets. How’s that $5/gallon gas price going for you? Enjoy it, it’s gonna go higher”

“You get what illegal mail-in ballots vote for”

President Trump is always paying VERY close attention, and he warned us… but that tsunami of illegal mail-in ballots was just too much to overcome.


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