Pfizer and F.D.A. Docs Exposed More Than 1,300 Potential Adverse Reactions Due To The Vaccine!

The latest documents included in the 55,000 pages from the F.D.A. showed severe adverse reactions to the C-19 vaccine.

The 38-page appendix included in the documents lists 1,300 adverse reactions to the Pfizer vaccine.

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Children’s Health Defense criticized Pfizer and F.D.A., emphasizing that these documents showed why the parties tried to cover up the data for 75 years.

Here’s what we know:

Yahoo Finance reported:

The list includes acute kidney injury, acute flaccid myelitis, anti-sperm antibody positive, brain stem embolism, brain stem thrombosis, cardiac arrest, cardiac failure, cardiac ventricular thrombosis, cardiogenic shock, central nervous system vasculitis, death neonatal, deep vein thrombosis, encephalitis brain stem,

encephalitis hemorrhagic, frontal lobe epilepsy, foaming at mouth, epileptic psychosis, facial paralysis, fetal distress syndrome, gastrointestinal amyloidosis, generalized tonic-clonic seizure, Hashimoto’s encephalopathy, hepatic vascular thrombosis, herpes zoster reactivation, immune-mediated hepatitis, interstitial lung disease, jugular vein embolism, juvenile myoclonic epilepsy, liver injury, low birth weight,

multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, myocarditis, neonatal seizure, pancreatitis, pneumonia, stillbirth, tachycardia, temporal lobe epilepsy, testicular autoimmunity, thrombotic cerebral infarction, Type 1 diabetes mellitus, venous thrombosis neonatal, and vertebral artery thrombosis among 1,246 other medical conditions following vaccination.

Bloomberg Law added:

That is not a typo. The FDA wanted court approval to have up to 75 years to publicly disclose this information.

In its attempts to build public support for Covid-19 vaccinations, the FDA repeatedly promised “full transparency,” and reaffirmed its “commitment to transparency” when licensing Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine.

With that promise in mind, after the vaccine’s licensure in August 2020, Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, a group of highly credentialed scientists submitted a FOIA request to the FDA for the data submitted by Pfizer.


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