Peoples Convoy Is 70 Miles Long!

Russia and Ukraine’s conflict obsessed the world, but the truckers and patriots have formed a 70-mile convoy in protest against the vaccine mandates and the Biden regime.

The Peoples Convoy is 70 miles long and constantly grows.

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The convoy is stopped in Monrovia, Indiana.

The leaders say that the next stop would be Cambridge, Ohio. It is getting close to DC, and more and more people join the convoy.

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Wayne Daily News reported:

The Peoples Convoy, consisting of truckers and their supporters, continue their cross-country journey to Washington, D.C. with the stated purpose of “Ending The Declaration Of National Emergency Concerning The Covid-19 Pandemic.”

As of Wednesday Noon, The People’s Convoy is 70 miles long and 10,000 vehicles strong as they merged with 6 other convoys just 20-miles out of Indianapolis, Indiana.

The convoy is currently located at Ted Everett Farm Equipment Auction grounds where they remain all day before heading to Cambridge, Ohio on Thursday. The indoor venue at Ted Everett will seat over 2,000 people.

Fox 59 News also covered this story:

The People’s Convoy is spending a few days in the Hoosier state as it continues its cross country road trip to Washington, D.C.

The convoy is made up of semi truck drivers protesting government mask and vaccine mandates. The convoy started in California on Feb. 23 and plans to arrive in the D.C. area on Mar. 5.

Hundreds of trucks, cars and semis headed up I-70 Tuesday afternoon, pulling off onto Highway 39 and stopping at Ted Everett Farm Equipment. The group will spend two days there.

Sherry Tingey, a semi truck driver, joined the People’s Convoy in Missouri.

”Our rights are being taken away,” Tingey said.

The convoy was greeted by a host of supporters in Monrovia. People gathered to hear from the truck drivers and donate items to help them along the way.


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