Pelosi’s Bizarre Reaction To Troops Breathing in Toxic Smoke From Burn Pits

“I can’t verify this, but sources tell me that Nancy got her free crack pipe yesterday.” – Alex Sheppard

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During Biden’s State of The Union Address speech, Pelosi was spotted making outlandish hand gestures, facial expressions, and having the occasional awkward moment.

But among them all, it was when Biden was speaking about soldiers being exposed to toxic smoke from burn pits that Pelosi appeared to rub her hands together, stand, and even smile. Again, this was while the President talked about troops being sick and dying.

But, what’s happening with her hands exactly?

What is this reaction?

Although Biden had his share of mishaps, users online torched Pelosi for her antics while others were just wondering what the 81-year-old was thinking. One user asked, “did this sort of footage constantly happen in the past too, or is it just the last 10 years or so that govt officials started glitching out like freaks?”

Another one wrote, “There is absolutely nothing wrong with our wonderful leaders LOL”.

And one simply put, “Getting all hot and bothered for war.”

What’s your wildest guess?


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