MUST-WATCH: Vladimir Putin Was Cloned And Replaced In 2010! The Clone Appeared On Victory Day Parade!

You will see how Putin has changed over the past years, especially since he attended the Great Day of Victory parade from 2000 to 2009!

In 2010, Putin was diagnosed with Spinal Cancer, and the doctors told him that he wouldn’t live too much. He was missing for ten days because of the Secret Shadowy Russian Underground Government, and it acted quickly and effectively, so he replaced the real Putin with the clone.

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The clone was deployed and took real Putin’s place…

His wife went missing; she refused to cooperate.

Check these pictures.

They took DNA samples too and cloned the woman too. But, the clone wasn’t needed. The imposter Putin clone shows up in the 2010 parade.

The original evidence of the footage was recorded. Ukraine events have shared the truth about what’s going on in the world.

One Russian professor claimed that Putin had hidden his family in one underground city to protect them from the unfolding conflict.


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