MOCKED: Dan Crenshaw Sharing 4 Ukraine Propaganda Stories in a Single Tweet

Here we go again, another story about Ukraine propaganda, and sad to say, it’s another GOP politician spreading it.

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Honestly, I haven’t seen this much propaganda floating around since the early days of COVID.

And here we go again.

Obviously, someone has a lot of benefits from spreading these news. Otherwise, this wouldn’t be happening.

Nearly everything you’re seeing out there is fake or exaggerated. And yes, our side is spreading it, too.

This is what Dan said: Snake Island says go f yourself. Ghost of Kyiv kills 5 Russian jets by himself. Woman passes out sunflower seeds to Russians so they’ll “grow flowers when they die.” 25 y/o woman says she’ll make Molotov cocktails this weekend. Ukrainians are fighters. Putin can go to hell.

And many people online are claiming that the “sunflower seed” story is also fake.

Also, but there was a story Breitbart posted about a model holding a gun, ready to “fight” for Ukraine and she confirmed that it was actually a modeling picture and she doesn’t know how to shoot a gun.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Our leaders are liars and fools.”

“And much of this has been debunked or proven inaccurate…. So congrats on being part of the propaganda machine…. Full of misinformation!”

“Each one a lie, agitprop, hoax, fake.”

“Our @GOP “leaders” are so fu**ing embarrassing.”

“Dan Clownshaw”

“Bro, I see you worrying waaaaaay more about other countries than your own. Why is that?”

“Holy sh*t this guy is such an embarrassing ass-clown…”

“all fake just like you you snake!”

“Warmonger pushing propaganda”

“Everything TX Rep Dan Crenshaw said below has now been debunked as fake news. What remains true – Dan Crenshaw is a 2015 graduate of Klaus Schwab’s Davos World Economic Forum, in company of sons of Soros and Rothschild.”

“We are witnessing the biggest public IQ test in history. This clown and many others are failing it. Regurgitating this obvious propaganda should be disqualifying.”

“Dan is a warmongering POS rino who spreads proven fake war stories lol Dude is special, can’t wait for him to be primaried”

“All fake. An embarrassment to your state and country.”

“Dan is just as legit as all of these stories out of Ukraine”

What is your opinion?


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