Mark Levin Revealed The Name Of The Fox News Star He Can’t Bear!

There were speculations that Mark Levin has problems with someone from Fox News. He isn’t a shy guy regarding his feelings. So, there has been a female at Fox News who doesn’t like Levin too.

So, Levin’s show revealed the name of the woman!

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She’s a star, a big name, and I don’t like her too much!

Also, she’s a Never-Trumper.

Dana Perino!

Bizpacreview reported:

“…Dana hates me. Yeah, it’s true,” Levin claimed about the former White House press secretary in the President George W. Bush administration.

Perino is also a co-host of the top-rated “The Five” ensemble on the Fox News Channel.

“Luckily you’re not on-air, but it, but she — she doesn’t like me. She’s a Bush-y, and I’m not. She’s a Rove-ite, and I’m not. So, they take these things very personally, I think. Bill Hemmer has called me in the past. He’s actually a very nice guy, if you want to know the truth,” Levin continued.

The host of FNC’s “Life, Liberty & Levin” on Sunday evenings went on to express disapproval about Fox News contributor and political consultant Karl Rove who was White House senior advisor and deputy chief of staff for G.W. Bush.”


He’s America first, and she’s establishment!

In the 2016 campaign, Dana and Greg Gutfeld huddled together on The Five and made bad comments about Trump.


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