Juan O’Savin With An Update Together With Meri Crouley! [MUST-WATCH]

The most dangerous times…

The situation we are in right now is terrible, and exposing the truth may jeopardize your life. People have been hounded to death because they dared to tell the truth! But some of them think that the risk is worth sounding the alarm for the rest of the world population.

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Juan and Meri tried to share the current updates of the situation.

These two discussed how Russia stated that the conflict is because of the de-naxi-fication of Ukraine.

You will hear what’s been happening in Ukraine and what’s going on with the Biolabs there in the video below.

Also, why are the sons of Pelosi, Romney, Kerry, and Biden linked to some Ukrainian companies?

This is a crucial video, and you can’t miss this!



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