Jill Biden Introduced Kamala Harris As The President!

We have to confess that there were countless times when members of the Biden admin, even Biden himself, have introduced Kamala Harris as the President of the United States.

Now, it happened again, from Joe Biden’s wife –Jill Biden.

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Maybe this isn’t so obvious now, but something is happening here.

Check this out:

Why are they doing this?

Fox News has more:

Jill Biden then began to announce Harris as the president of the United States, but caught herself amid laughter from the audience and a shrug from President Biden.

The first lady then played off her apparent gaffe as a joke, telling the room that “I just said that to make you laugh.”

President Biden himself has repeatedly referred to Harris as the president.

Conservatives ask to wonder why the Biden Admin keeps calling Kamala the President:

Who is the president?


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