Jen Psaki ‘Pearl Clutch’ When Asked About The Mask Dropping Mandates

The timing regarding the mask mandates sure seems rather suspicious.

Since one of the biggest political upcoming events, Biden’s State Of The Union Address is just around the corner!

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“Was it important to the president that masks come off during… before the State of the Union?” a reporter asked. “Is there a message that he hopes to send, with, you know, with that news?”

“Well, I would say the president is very powerful, but he couldn’t make us be in the green zone that we’re in right now in DC,” she claimed. “That’s why we are not… going to be required to wear masks starting tomorrow.”

You’ve got that right: Literally on the same day as the State of the Union Address the mask mandate for the Capitol Building is being dropped.

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed its mask guidelines on Friday, which prompted blue state governors around the United States to lift their mask restrictions. Many of the most staunch defenders of masks and mandates followed suit: New York, California, Washington and Oregon all dropped their mandates.”

Also, on February 24th, a memo from IMPACT Research began circulating one day prior to the CDC guidelines change that provides insight into the Democrats’ sudden political decision to drop the masks.

The only “science” the CDC was following was “political science.”


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