Jack Posobiec: The “Real Reason” Team Biden is Pushing Ukraine So Hard

We haven’t seen this level of full-blown propaganda since the early days of COVID when all of those fake videos were coming out of China, showing people collapsing in the streets and foaming at the mouth.

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It’s an all-out push. Everyone on the left has added Ukraine flags to their bios, and much like the COVID-type tyranny, they say if you don’t wholeheartedly support Ukraine with every fibre of your being, you’re a Putin-loving communist who hates America.

It’s the same “game,” only the players are different.

But, wait!

Our unsecured borders, which are being overrun by drug dealers, human traffickers, and hordes of others should matter more than Ukraine’s right now.

We can’t clean up other people’s backyards when ours is a complete and total mess.

But somehow, that view is now “radical and extreme,” thanks to the propaganda from the left and the establishment on the right.

So, why is this happening?

Why do we have globalists like George Soros and his son, along with Lindsey Graham, and Adam Kinzinger pushing so darn hard for Ukraine, and risking the very real possibility of WW3 because of it?

Well, one school of thought is that Ukraine has been a corruption playground for the left and neocons for aeons now, and they’re not about to let that go.

Soros actually bragged about his empire replacing the Soviet Empire in Europe.


Here’s what he said: “Many in the Biden Admin like Tony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, Jon Finer, and Victoria Nuland see Ukraine as unfinished business from their time in the Obama Admin The plan was for Ukraine to join NATO/EU under Hillary Now they are picking up where they left off.”

That actually makes sense. And while it might not be the only answer, it’s a huge piece of the puzzle.


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