If This is Trump’s New “Slogan”, Dems are In-Deep!

President Trump’sentire mission since he stepped in the Oval Office was exposing the Deep State and our government

The Democrat’s government.

And even if he’s no longer President, he hasn’t given up on his mission just yet.

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President Trump exposed corruption in much more than just the government, though. He called out the media, Big Tech, and intelligence agencies.

During his speech at CPAC recently, he said something that resonated with so many people.

Many are calling it a political or “linguistic” kill shot.

It’s quite powerful.

Now, that’s a winner.

President Trump should memorize that line and say it at every rally and event between now and 2024.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Doesn’t get any clearer than this.”

“This Trump quote from CPAC is one of the most powerful things he’s ever said”

“Probably my favorite #TrumpQuote”

“Perfect thank you To the point correct this is truth”


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