Hospitals Misuse The Vaxx Status To Weigh The Value Of Life

Isn’t every life important to the very last breath?

Isn’t every life equally worth it?

Since when did hospitals inherit God’s and faith’s natural right to spread and determine life and death?

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With the midterms and Biden’s State of The Union Address approaching, the Dems are trying to “wash off” the dirt from their hands by getting rid of mask mandates.

Though it might be a win-win situation, don’t be fooled that they’re the good guys all of a sudden.

They allowed a lot of messy and inhumane laws to go down. Totally ignored and even allowed hospitals to kill thousands of innocent patients. Get ignored for transplants and regular hospital treatments.

Lori Simpson guested the Stew Peters show discussing relevant issues in the field.

“Lori’s husband John checked into a Fair Oaks Inova hospital in Fairfax Virginia on January 4, for Covid. The moment he got in, the ER doctors started asking about his vax status, and then they began talking about remdesivir and a vent. Fortunately, Lori had a full medical power of attorney which said no remdesivir ever, and no vent unless he literally coded and stopped breathing. Well, in response to that Lori says the doctors won’t even allow her to see her husband. They’re keeping him as a medical hostage, and might very well kill him, to get back at Lori and John for defying their will.”



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