Here’s What Really Happens In Russia/Ukraine, But The MSM Doesn’t Tell You!

The MSM doesn’t share everything about the Russia –Ukraine situation.

We have been flooded with questions about what’s happening in Russia and Ukraine in the past week.

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The MSM has been reporting that Putin is going to invade Ukraine, and Putin will start a war. The Media has constantly reported that. That’s where I start, and we think that the MSM propaganda Machine is close to 180 degrees from the truth.

What side is Joe Biden on?

Biden is hand-in-hand with the MSM, stating that Putin is the world enemy.

We don’t support that statement, and we will tell you that Putin is a great guy. However, I don’t have to jump that I don’t trust the side of Biden and the MSM.

The world has a common enemy, but that’s not Putin, but the globalist banker elites.

Also, Klaus Schwab is our enemy, George Soros! They are the bad guys.

Check this out:

These people made millions from the energy companies in Ukraine.

Here’s one question ‘’ what are the odds that the whole recorded phone call that led to Trump’s (failed) impeachment was with….do you remember?….that’s right, the President of Ukraine!’’


One hundred ninety-five countries in the world, and all it points to Ukraine.

I don’t know what all of this means, but I know this – We don’t trust the MSM and Biden narratives one bit, and then you start seeing all of this stuff!

This lady put everything very well:

This is what Wendy Rogers shared:

There have been many fake narratives:

This is fake, and they aren’t hiding anymore.

The video is from a 2017 documentary:

Here’s more fakery:

Check this out:

Also, have you heard about the story of the Ukrainian fighter pilot who went Maverick on TopGun and took down 12 MiGs singlehandedly?

Check this story:

Why do we say things like this?

We are at a powerful point in history. It’s a point where a critical mass of people have woken up and no longer believe the propaganda they so easily pushed on us for decades.

It’s not working!

We have to think for ourselves! For more than four years, we saw the MSM twist and turn every detail against Trump until it no longer resembled anything close to the truth.


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