Hannity Criticized For Calling For NATO To Attack Russia!

Sean Hannity stated that NATO airstrikes have to attack the 40-mile long Russian convoy extending out from Kyiv.

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Hannity stated:

As of this morning, this forty mile convoy of Russian troops and Russian tanks and munitions and fuel, they’re only eighteen miles outside of Kyiv. And let me tell you, when I look at that, I’m thinking uh oh, this is about to become — it’s about to go to the next level. And I pray to God almighty I’m wrong. And the next level would be a massacre, and the next level would be the toppling of the government of Kyiv. The next level will mean thousands upon thousands and likely tens of thousands of people dead, and that might be on the low side. That’s what I fear the most now.

Now you would think that maybe these European countries would get together and they’d be arming the Ukrainians that show that they’re willing to fight.

You know, if we can see on satellite imagery where the convoy is, I don’t know, maybe some smart country, maybe NATO might take some of their fighter jets, or maybe they can use some drone strikes and take out the whole damn convoy. And then nobody takes credit for it, so then Putin won’t know who to hit back.

When Putin would strike back, and that’s insane!

Hannity compounded his error and showed his lack of understanding. He said:

‘Well, he’s threatening nuclear weapons, Hannity, you’re talking about nuclear war’ — I’m not talking about nuclear war, nor would I support one American boot on the ground here. But at what point is this gonna end?”

If NATO attacks the Russian convoy, we will be talking about nuclear war and the possible end of the world.

Hannity was ripped to shreds on Twitter. Darren Beattie, the brain behind Revolver News, called him the true cattle whisperer.

Another hit him because he called for war crimes, adding:

We have another comment noting that the goal is to push NATO into a war with Russia:

Hannity made a mistake! People are aware of that, and he is aware of the mistake!



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