Gen. Flynn Knows How We Can End The Ukraine Crisis Today!

If you don’t know what’s happening in Eastern Europe, you don’t pay attention to what is happening in our home.

Everything has been changed in front of our eyes. A war on our soil is possible. Everyone knows the problems, but not everyone offers solutions.

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Ukraine’s debacle was a totally avoidable situation.

In October last year, Biden visited Ukraine. Never mind researching the 1939 EU borders or understanding the results of America’s war to defeat Nazism.

Three identical political agreements were signed at a conference of the Organization for Security and CO-operation in the EU in Budapest, Hungary, on December 5, 1994.

This crisis wouldn’t have happened during the Trump administration due to different factors. First, he’s a strong leader, so you can’t compare Trump to Biden.

There’s a mistake that Putin made. He overestimated his popularity. It’s true that in Crimea, Donetsk, and Luhansk, he has 51% support, he expected that level of support across Ukraine, but it never materialized.

Putin now looks for a safe way out. Many lives have been destroyed, and many more will be. It has to be stopped!

Vladimir Putin isn’t crazy, as the MSM tries to depict him. He is behaving as he usually does. Vladimir Putin will do anything he can if he thinks that he can get away with it and would stop only if he can’t find a way out. Putin and Trump had a great collaboration, but now, with Biden, he has seized his opportunity.

The solution for the problem is the Budapest Agreement.

When the Soviet Union broke up after decades of the now-distant Cold War, Ukraine had more nuclear weapons than China and was the 3rd biggest nuclear power in the world.

The Gateway Pundit explained this situation:

The real conversation goes like this.

Part One: Russia wants a neutral Ukraine. The Budapest Agreement can be considered an agreement of neutrality. Obviously, if Russia adheres to the agreement, then Ukraine doesn’t need to join NATO. And NATO can agree that having Ukraine join would be a violation of the Budapest accord. This is something that I believe Putin would seriously consider (and possibly accept), and it meets half of his demands. This gives him a way out without killing more people.

Part Two: Putin wants Ukraine to renounce any claim to Crimea. Ukraine should agree, with a major caveat.
Putin argues that Crimea was unlawfully given to Ukraine in the 1950s, and, true or not, he wants it back. Well, Ukraine will never get Crimea back under any conditions without a major war. Most don’t realize it, but Putin is popular in Crimea, and there is a strong attachment to Russia in the region, so it is a loss to Ukraine, but not a substantial loss. (That is the reality of global geopolitics.)

The major caveat should be that Ukraine has made a lot of improvements in Crimea since the ’50s. A large price should be put on that. Russia is not just taking Crimea; it is paying for all the care that Ukraine has given Crimea since the ’50s. It should be a significant and long-term repayment.

Part Three: Finally, Putin must emphasize that the targeting of civilians was against his orders and that he will help to rebuild some of Ukraine. He can claim that senior generals or other Russian defense officials failed to follow his orders and publicly fire them. (Maybe those fired will be allowed to come to the U.S. and work at a Washington, D.C., think tank). However the provision may be described, it gives Putin the chance to call this insane war off.
In the end, America has always stood for self-determination and the right to choose one’s government. Whatever claim Putin may try to make on Ukraine, either based on reality or his own fiction, it will never outweigh the people’s right to a free and fair election for a government that represents them.”

Another president spoke about the voting bloc in America; what do you have to lose? This would be agreeable to Putin if the alternative is brutal sanction. But, we don’t know if Ukraine would accept that. Ukraine could forgo NATO if it were given an immediate consideration for EU membership. Crimea would be a bigger pill to swallow, but Ukraine isn’t getting it back.

Russia will lose the money because of the economy-crushing sanctions or in Paying back Ukraine. But, I think that it’s better for the money to go to Ukraine than just disappear because of the sanctions. Russia doesn’t lose too much, and Ukraine gains a lot.

It would be good for both sides.

However, there’s one problem, our administration isn’t good and strong enough to deal with Putin.


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