FOOD WARS: Russia Stooped Fertilizer Export To Crush Global Markets!

This week Tucker Carlson talked to Iowa Corn and soybean farmer Ben Riensche on his top-rated program to explain the massive inflation we see in food prices in the US.

Rienshe stated that the grocery prices might rise to $1,000 per month because of Russia’s ban on fertilizer.

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Real Clear Politics reported:

“It’s embarrassing how little most people know about fertilizer, what it means, tell us the implications of this sanction?” Carlson asked.

“Soaring fertilizer prices are likely to spike food prices,” Riensche said. “If you’re upset that gas is up a dollar or two a gallon, wait until your grocery bill is up $1000 a month. And it may not manifest itself in terms of price, it could be quantity as well. Empty shelf syndrome must just be starting.”

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to make sure I heard you correctly. Up $1000 a month?” an incredulous Carlson asked.

“Sure,” Riensche responded. “The price of growing my crops, or the major crops, corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, cotton are up 30 to 40%. They are on my farm. And most of it is fertilizer. Nitrogen prices are up 3 times from the left crop we put in. Phosphorous and potassium have doubled.”

Zero Hedge has more:

Those who have it won’t sell it, and those who don’t have it will face an unbelievable food crisis.

A couple of hours after we reported that Russia banned fertilizer export, Hungary has circled the wagons and announced that it would ban all grain exports in a statement.


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