Fauci In Witness Protection? Culprits Want To Shield Themselves From C-19 Boomerang! [WATCH]

In the C-19 pandemic, many states have chosen the path directed by the Biden regime and the CDC. The Dems strongholds promoted lockdowns, mask mandates, C-19 vaccines, and vaccine passports, but despite all those restrictions, the coronavirus still spread.

It seems that the protocols didn’t do anything to stop the virus. But, while the Dems promoted more government overreach, Florida refused everything and continued to live a normal life.

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Now Florida is thriving.

DeSantis wasn’t controlled by the hysteria, but he was controlled by his sanity!

He explained how the people behind the C-19 agenda were changing the narrative to avoid backlash.


DeSantis admitted, “There’s been no change in the underlying science. The ineffectiveness of those policies was apparent long ago. The destructiveness of those policies was apparent long ago.”


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