Don Jr Discovered A Little Nugget in Recent ABC Poll – Don’t Expect Media To Mention This!

So, a new ABC poll just came out, and it’s devastating for Joe Biden.

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He’s now hit a “career-low” approval number of 37 %.

That’s right, the man who supposedly earned 81 million LEGAL votes, is now at a staggering career-low, about 1-year in.

But this is not even the worst part.

Don Jr. actually dug around in the poll and found a devastating little nugget that she shared – and this is so bad, the media will probably never mention it.

Now, I believe that number is actually much, much higher than 54 %.

But, it’s worth noting about a month ago there was a Morning Consult poll showing 49 % of Americans didn’t believe Joe was mentally fit for the job.

Joe looks and sounds like he should be in a nursing home, not The White House. It’s embarrassing and pathetic, and he appears to be getting worse by the day.



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