DeSantis: Fauci In Witness Protection?

The Democrat culprits are desperate to shield themselves from the boomerang of disaster they threw with COVID.

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While Democratic strongholds pushed lockdowns, mask mandates, the COVID-19 jab, and vaccine passports, the coronavirus continued to spread. It appeared that more protocols and mandates put in place did little to stop COVID-19 or its several variants from sweeping the nation.

But while the Democrats promoted more government overreach, one state refused completely and, thanks to the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis, Florida is thriving.

DeSantis didn’t let to be overwhelmed and taken by the Democrat’s crazy euphoria and COVID mandates fever.

And now that science has shown that lockdowns, masks, and even the supposed miracle drug did little at stopping the virus, DeSantis explained how those behind the COVID-19 agenda are quickly changing the narrative, hoping to shield themselves from the backlash.


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