Decertification Called For In Wisconsin’s 2020 Election Results

Massive voting fraud was revealed. Guess where?

among Zuckerberg’s most vulnerable and extremely improper funding.

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“On the same day Joe Biden is scheduled to give his first State of the Union Address, in Wisconsin, former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Mike Gableman presented his results of an investigation surrounding the 2020 election,” reports have stated.

“In the video, which is featured below, the State Assembly listened as the distinguished judge pointed out the potential political influence big tech companies like Facebook gained when founder Mark Zuckerberg donated $8.8 million to administrator and election judges. To make it worse, those who received the donations were in Democratic-controlled cities like Madison, Green Bay, Racine, Wisconsin, and Milwaukee.”

In a separate audit performed by the Thomas Moore Society, they found 100% voting rates in over 90 nursing homes. And that is just in one state. The group said the irregularities were due to the Wisconsin Election Commission giving “illegal directive prohibiting municipal clerks from sending legally required special voting deputies into those homes.”

Citing several more election concerns, the judge admitted that not only should the Wisconsin Election Commission be dismantled but the 2020 election results for the state, which showed Biden winning, should be overturned.

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