CDC Confessed C-19 Vaccines Can Cause Heart Attacks/Strokes! Big Pharma Tried To Pin Blame On Anything Else!

The CDC has quietly confessed that the Wuhan Coronavirus vaccines can cause heart attack, heart inflammation, and stroke.

The CDC also admitted that the vaccines might also cause myocarditis and myopericarditis. It occurs when the heart muscle is inflamed. The latter happens when the heart muscle and the sac surrounding the heart, known as the pericardium, get inflamed.

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Myocarditis weakens the heart’s ability to pump the blood and causes arrhythmias. Severe cases of myocarditis will make the heart weaker and unable to pump enough blood to the body. It can cause blood clots, leading to strokes and heart attacks.

“Evidence from multiple safety monitoring systems in multiple countries supports the finding of an increased risk of myocarditis and myopericarditis following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination,” read a CDC report titled “COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Updates,” written by a member of the CDC’s COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force.

The report emphasized that the risk of myocarditis and myopericarditis is high among adolescents and young adults. Furthermore, males are more likely to experience these conditions than females.

These conditions can happen more after the second dose rather than the first dose of the C-19 vaccination.

Mainstream media outlets are working overtime to blame illnesses caused by vaccines on other things.

MSM outlets try to divert people’s attention away from the C-19 vaccines, so they blame the heart conditions and their symptoms on other factors.

Shane St. Pierre, the host of the Anti-Disinformation show, highlighted this on the show on March 3.

St. Pierre noted that the Western world’s largest and most influential MSM outlets have deep ties to Big Pharma companies.

MSM is linked to the Big Pharma giants, BlackRock, and The Vanguard Group. Their portfolio holdings are worth more than $17 trillion.

“More importantly, they are the owners and controllers of the Big Pharma industry. And even more importantly than that, BlackRock and Vanguard own the world’s mainstream media,” said St. Pierre. “In other words, Big Pharma owns the mainstream media.”

So, the MSM are strong and able to publish a deluge of articles stating that special factors in life can cause these health conditions, not the C-19 vaccine.

He emphasized that the articles started appearing when the C-19 vaccines were more widespread.

One Daily Express article from December 12, 2021, stated that skipping breakfast can increase the risk of heart attacks, “despite intermittent fasting being the biggest proven health benefit of all time,” said St. Pierre. “Now, suddenly, skipping breakfast causes heart attacks.”

“But if you don’t skip breakfast, suddenly the world’s most popular breakfast food – eggs – enhances your risk of blood clots,” he added.

“They tell us these energy bill rises could even cause ill health in our children. Because we all have our children open up our energy bills, and then ask them how they are going to pay for it with no job,” commented St. Pierre in a tongue-in-cheek manner.

Other factors that the MSM outlets say can cause heart attacks and strokes are smoking marijuana, cold weather, using sex objects, and breathing too many times.

St. Pierre doesn’t think that it’s a coincidence that the Black Rock and vanguard-owned MSM suddenly blamed strokes, heart attacks, and deaths on many things rather than C-19 vaccines at the same time those investment management corporations took control of Big Pharma.


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