BREAKING: Arizona Senate Finds 200,000 Uncounted Ballots

I am really not surprised. I was announcing this for quite some time now.

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Democrats likely cheated in the 2020 elections, and the most recent reports just add more weight to the mountain of evidence piling up…

According To Just The News,

“In the signature verification study, three expert forensic document examiners and three novices reviewed 499 images of early voting mail ballot envelopes to determine if the signatures on them matched with the signatures on file. All the reviewers agreed that 60 of the 499 envelopes, or 12% were signature mismatches.

The pilot study extrapolated from the sample that more than 204,430 ballots should have been cured, and 5,277 should have been rejected.”

In response, the Arizona State Senate has advanced this bill.

“Republican state senators on Monday advanced legislation that would require every ballot cast in Arizona’s elections to be counted by hand, with GOP proponents who embraced former President Donald Trump’s false narrative of massive voter fraud calling it a needed reform.”


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