Another UFC Fighter Shared That ‘’Our Country Is Going To SH** Without Trump’’! [WATCH]

Again, do you remember the day when NASCAR was the conservative’s choice for sports?

Well, they were rebels and the guys who linked to the blue-collar patriot?

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Bubba Wallace joined NASCAR and made it look woke and ruined it.

BLM support, fake nooses, Bubba caused the NASCAR destruction.

He’s in the IFC and stopped to take NASCAR’s place as the patriotic rebels of the sports world.

Many of these fighters love freedom and Trump, and they aren’t afraid to get canceled for speaking too many things.

Here’s what Colby said: ““Mr. 45, President Trump. Greatest President in history… Our f*cking country is going to sh*t right now without him.””


Here are the comments:

“Colby Covington dropping mother fu**in’ truth bombs!”

“What a legend this guy is…no fear, just tells it like it is” 

“Don’t you wish our crappy politicians had just an ounce of Colby’s conviction?” 

No truer words have been spoken!!!” 

“And the best part is that he’s untouchable. The mob can’t do anything to him LOL” 


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