Zelensky Is New World Order!

This is disappointing.

You can’t trust the MSM.

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Any time the MSM is pushing one narrative, you must know that’s disinformation!


The fakest of all has been Zelesky as a white hat good guy. It seems that nothing could be farther from the truth.

We have to take a moment to focus on Zelensky!

Something isn’t okay here.

Everything started with the phone call with Trump as the basis for the first phony impeachment.

The Deep State stooge was hand-selected to play a crucial role.

He supports the New World Order and all the demonic, Luciferian symbolism.

Take a look at this:

How many Masonic symbols can you see?

The 666, the Devil Horns, the ‘V’’ symbol of the Devil. And, a million ‘’one eyes’’ images.

We aren’t the only ones who see this:

Maybe Putin isn’t the bad guy as the MSM says he is?


Do you remember the bribery and threats?

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