Whistleblower Shared A Proof Claiming Pfizer Knew About The C-19 Pandemic Outbreak Previously!

They are all globalists!

They make more money from the humans’ disasters!

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But, the worst thing is that they create the problem, and later they sell the solution.

Precisely that is what the globalists did to us. They invented the virus and spread it among the world population, and now, they sell us the cure aka. Vaccine. But this wasn’t the cure. It was the thing that was worse than the virus.

The C-19 virus wasn’t as bad as the vaccines are!

However, the Biden regime knows this and still sells and promotes the vaccination process.

The latest updates emerged, claiming that Pfizer may have known about the virus outbreak in advance.

In the video below, you can hear the statements of a Pfizer whistleblower.



Banned Video

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