What Is REALLY Happening In Russia/UKRAINE [MSM Lying To You!]

This is the latest update on the developing story we’ve been continuously reporting on here at the True Defender.

Since, there’ll be a lot more updates on this specific topic!

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Starting from the very basics – the conspiracy theory about the US-funded labs in Ukraine that began as a conspiracy theory, proven to be totally true, there’ll be many more shocking revelations to be uncovered on the way.

Is Putin the bad guy? Why all of a sudden he would want to cut ties to the entire world?

Seems senseless.

At the same time, it’s not like there aren’t real missiles, and real guns and real deaths.

I’m just saying I don’t buy the official MSM narrative that they keep trying to force-feed down our throats.

From the very “beginning of the conflict” Putin has stated nothing and hasn’t even mentioned WAR.

But Biden sure did. In many occasions.

“It was a war declared over and over and over by the Media. As if they wanted the war. As if someone NEEDED the war, to either advance their agenda or to distract from other things…or perhaps all of the above.

So that’s where I start and immediately I assume that whatever I’m being told by the MSM Propaganda Machine is probably close to 180 degrees from the actual truth,” reports stated.

Then I move to a second but closely related question: what side is Joe Biden on?

Joe Biden is hand-in-hand with the MSM, declaring Putin the enemy of the world.


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