Ukraine Biological Laboratories –EXPOSED!

US-funded biological labs in Ukraine.

Everything has been exposed!

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Russia knows everything, and they share that with the world.

In the beginning, Victoria Nuland stated that there were US-funded labs in Ukraine, but one day later, Jen Psaki declined those statements claiming that the US hasn’t funded any Biolabs in Ukraine, especially not close to the Russian border.

Why is this confusion?

They can make a deal and decide whether they will tell the truth or they will tell the same lie.

But, there is proof of the existence of the US-funded biological labs in Ukraine, and it’s not a conspiracy theory!

The majority of the US media and the federal government don’t want to confess the truth about the labs.

Alternative media like Infowars have been at the forefront of proving this existence.

Watch the video below:



Banned Video

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