UK Government Data Eviscerates Official ‘’Safe & Effective’’ Story! [WATCH]

You can’t deny the numbers!

The world is focused on the Russia-Ukraine problem, and we all thought that WWIII was at its beginning, or worse, a Nuclear-war is approaching. The C-19 pandemic forced the countries to shut down or impose outlandish mandates and promote the “vaccine”.

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However, behind the scenes, Pfizer and Moderna, with the government’s help, still promote that the shots can stop the virus spread.

In the video attached below, you can see the C-19 report from the UK. They say that the safe and effective shot is neither effective nor safe for the people who got vaccinated.

The man emphasized that in both cases, numbers and hospitalizations, the vaccinated group had a higher rate of being infected and hospitalized.

The deaths were more than 925% higher for the vaccinated population than the unvaccinated.

The data shows the dangerous side effects that the vaccine could have. But in the US, the Biden regime still convinces the people that vaccines are safe and effective even for children.

Those who want to read the C-19 report entirely can find it here.




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