Tulsi Exposes Biden’s “F-You America” Agenda

Joe Biden neither cares about the American nation, nor he’s capable of being a leader to bring us to prosperity and a bright future.

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The only thing he’s focused on in his radical globalized Climate Change agenda and what flavor oatmeal he’ll be spoon-fed each morning.

So is his incompetent band of crooks called “Biden’s Administration”.

They actually want you to suffer from double-digit gas prices. They’re putting the squeeze on you, so you’ll crack and spend 55K on an electric car that you can’t afford, and that actually runs off of coal, as well.

And while all of this is happening, Biden, the media, and his cronies will falsely blame everything on their favorite bogeyman: Putin.

But Democrat Tulsi Gabbard saw right through him and his agenda.

She appeared on The Jesse Waters’s new Fox News show to share her thoughts on the matter.

According to the original report published by BizPacReview,

“Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat from Hawaii, has never shied away from zinging her own party when she felt it was due — as vice-chair of the Democratic National Committee, her criticism of Hillary Clinton receiving favorable treatment by the party set the stage for both her outspokenness and the pushback she received from within.

In an appearance Monday on “Jesse Watters Primetime,” she blasted the Biden administration for not caring about how their domestic and foreign policy decisions impact the American people, suggesting Team Biden has an “F-you attitude” toward the American people.”


Fox News host Jesse Watters set the stage by suggesting that Washington has done a poor job handling events that led up to Russia invading Ukraine, noting that the country is “becoming a graveyard.”

“Because people are being slaughtered,” Watters said. “NATO is now mobilizing. The market is tanking. A recession is looming, and gas prices are now above 4 bucks a gallon. The American people and the Ukrainian people deserve better than this.”

“There is so much devastation and incredible suffering that’s going on in Ukraine right now. The world needs to condemn Putin for his actions,” Gabbard said. “The thing here is that our leaders really have this F-you attitude and they just don’t care.”

“We see this F-you attitude in our domestic policy here at home where they say F-you to parents who are concerned about what their kids are being taught in their schools. F-you to Americans who want to make their own decisions as it relates to their health and COVID,” she said. “Then you see this same attitude and mindset also extending to their decisions on our foreign policy. Basically going in and saying, ‘You know what? This is what we’re going to do — any other country in the world — and there is nothing that anybody can do about it. There is nothing anybody can do to stop us.’ And all of this just points to the fact that they just don’t care.”


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