Tucker Warns Americans, “We’re Already at War”

Things will become clearer to you after hearing what he has to point out on the matter.

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The conflict between Russia and Ukraine should be just that – a conflict between two foreign nations in their region.

But instead, Joe Biden has turned a regional conflict into WW3.

He rushed in the middle with a stick and caused an international conflict, and now he’s trying to push our entire country inside!

For what? Well, for future profits and interests, of course!

He’ll soon be no longer part of the world, but he couldn’t;t care less for what kind of a world he will leave behind.

Here’s what Tucker Carlson said on the matter, and you can find his writings on Fox News’ channel below the video.

“It’s a remarkable exchange. What are we watching here, apart from a conversation between two incredibly shallow people who have limited contact with reality? What we’re watching is the beginning of a war between the United States and Russia. If that sounds jarring, what else would you call it? Now you may support everything that Tony Blinken just said. Maybe you do support it, but let’s not lie about what’s happening. Let’s be as honest and clear-eyed as we can be, especially now, because it matters. The Biden administration just inserted itself with force into the middle of a hot war between two foreign powers. That means the United States is now an active participant in a war. We are at war with Russia. Whether or not that war has been officially declared, whether or not Congress has authorized that war, all of that is irrelevant. That war is happening right now as we watch.

Why is no one in Washington saying anything about this? Because they support it. They always have. Almost five years ago, way back in 2017, Rep. Eric Swalwell of California came on this show for another Russiagate debate, one of many. He came to let us know how Vladimir Putin had gotten Donald Trump elected president. It was all as stupid as you remember, it until the end of the interview when Swalwell said something odd and interesting. Swalwell explained that because Putin had installed Donald Trump secretly in the White House, the United States should now “do everything we can to expand NATO’s role.” In other words, we should let Ukraine join NATO. That’s odd. Why would he say that? Why would a policy so seemingly obscure— NATO, Ukraine, What?— Why would that be a priority for some forgettable congressman from the East Bay?

Well, simple, because getting Ukraine to join NATO was the key to inciting war with Russia. We didn’t get it at the time. Now it’s obvious. Vladimir Putin just invaded Ukraine because he didn’t want Ukraine to join NATO. Putin certainly had other motives as well. People always do have multiple motives, but that’s the main reason Russia invaded. The Russians don’t want American missiles on their border. They don’t want a hostile government next door.

This is what Hillary Clinton had planned after she won the 2016 election.”


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