Trump’s Predictions From 2020 Are Now Reality! Americans Live The Biden’s America! [WATCH]

Under the Biden Regime, the gas prices are rocketing, and precisely that was the thing Trump predicted before Election Day.

While speaking at a campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on November 2, 2020, Trump stated that Americans would pay $7 per gallon of gasoline if Biden won the election.

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“As long as I’m president, we will remain the No. 1 one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere on this planet,” he told the crowd. “And for the first time, we are energy independent. You never heard that term before. We’re energy independent.”

“We have so much oil,” Trump said. “We have more oil than anybody, OK? And it’s an incredible thing that it’s happened over the last few years. A lot of great things. And you’re paying, what, $2 a gallon for your gasoline? That’s OK.”

“You know what that’s like? That’s like a tax cut. That’s bigger than a tax cut.”

“If Biden got in, you’d be paying $7, $8, $9, then they’d say, ‘Get rid of your car.’”


No one thought that this prediction would become true.

The Washington Post analyzed Trump’s speech, adding a “dubious meme has emerged online in conservative circles: The price of gasoline will spike because Joe Biden is taking office.”

“Experts say those fears are overblown,” the report added.

It stated that Biden’s policies, including the possibility to ease the tensions with Iraq, “could result in incrementally lower gas prices.”

However, that didn’t happen. But Trump’s prediction becomes a reality. LA residents pay $7 per gallon for gas.

Biden gutted American energy production and independence by canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline project.

He couldn’t deter Putin’s Russia from invading Ukraine and starting a war that could increase EU energy insecurity and raise the cost of gas worldwide.

The Biden Regime has ordered the Americans to lower their expectations and purchase electric vehicles.

They are highly unaffordable for Americans because the average model costs $55,000.

We can’t even know if Biden wants to find a solution to lower the gas prices, but he forced the people to leave their vehicles.

This Monday, Kamala Harris referenced a “turning point” to a “zero-emission fleet” to a ” zero-emission fleet “.

Also, Biden admin officials talked with the leaders of oil-production dictatorships Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, willing to consider every energy option except increasing gas and oil production in America.

What Trump predicted, that became true!


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