Trump Was Right! Here’s The Proof!

Biden is in the White House, and there has been one crisis over another. The Americans are worried about the Ukraine war, and they are forced to pay high gas prices. It increases the already expensive prices coming with inflation.

Biden is determined to pass his buck as much as possible.

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The White House wants the Americans to believe that Putin’s actions cause the skyrocketing gas prices.

CNN explained:

A staggering surge in the elevated cost of filling up since Russia invaded Ukraine represents another gut punch for consumers already swamped by a 40-year peak in inflation coming out of the pandemic.

And Biden acknowledged on Tuesday there is more pain to come, telling reporters his executive order banning imports of Russian energy signed Tuesday will heap more pain on gasoline prices ahead of spring break and summer vacation.

“They’re going to go up,” Biden said as he flew into America’s oil patch in Texas, where he was visiting veterans. “Can’t do much right now. Russia is responsible.” The President’s offhand remark is unlikely to soothe Democratic fears of a possible Republican rout in November’s midterm elections.

It’s clear that the Americans aren’t buying what Biden wants to see. People want Trump to come back!

A Twitter trend prompted users to share the different ways Trump turned out to be right about Biden.

Regarding the current price for gas, it’s hard to argue with Trump’s dire predictions before the 2020 election.

KCBS reported:

The former president teased a grim future under Biden, projecting “gasoline is going to stop at six, seven dollars, I think, based on what I’m seeing.”

He shared his thoughts on wind energy, a big driver of the current administration’s agenda. “They ruin the environment, they kill the birds and they cost a fortune,” Trump explained. “We have natural gas…costs us nothing. Actually nothing. They burn it off. When you look at all of those flames on top of the wells, that’s natural gas that they burn off. They throw (it) away…and we want to give that away for windmills.”

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