Trump Supporter Explains Kamala’s Ditzy and Embarrassing Behavior

A detail-oriented savvty Trump supporter offered a very intriguing insight theory about the embarrassing behavior of our “dear” VP, Kamala Harris.

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She’s not in the position to act like this, but once again, neither is her superior, PResident Joe Biden.

Their behavior isn’t witty – it’s destructive. And the Americans are the ones suffering all the consequences of their “witty ignorance”.

Kamala cackled like a crazy wet hen when asked a question about Ukraine refugees (a real knee-slapping topic), and then instead of answering it, she kicked it over to the Polish president.

She’s made more “word salads” than most of us can stomach – just rambling on and on and stringing words together that mean absolutely nothing.

Among failing in other big things, like her first trip to Europe, and handling the border crisis, this once again proves her incompetence for the position she’s at.

But one Trump supporter actually has a pretty interesting theory about Kamala’s disastrous behavior.

He thinks the Biden Regime is doing its best to make Kamala look as bad as possible, to deter lawmakers from impeaching Joe.

Here are some of the most popular comments on his tweet.

That’s a good point because she is making AOC look like a road scholar!”

“Well, you don’t have to try to make kamala look bad”

“I think you nailed it, because now even I am wondering if we should just keep Joe because she’s such a wreck”

“I don’t think they’re making her look bad. I think she is bad, and they’re just sitting back letting her get roasted for insurance down the road.”

“Well, I still can’t decide who’d be worse, Cackling Kamala or Sleepy Joe.”

“Joe is the devil we know. Best to stick with him”


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