The Dem’s COVID Police Is On Your Tail!

The Surgeon General is still ticked off that you are discussing COVID-19 without his permission.

How dare you talk to other people about masks and vaccines and question the wisdom of the democrat party?

Now they’re after you, but for me as well.

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To make sure you don’t say whatever you want about the COVID-19 virus, our U.S. Surgeon General Dr Vivek Murthy has launched a health investigation.

He said, “Misinformation has had a profound impact on COVID-19 and our response. Studies have demonstrated that the vast majority of the American public either believes common myths about COVID-19 or thinks those myths might be true.”

Because we are all misinformation spreaders (in addition to COVID-19 spreaders), Murthy asked for input and data from health care providers, tech companies and community organizations to learn more about the scope and impact of misinformation on COVID-19.

The American Medical Association who have not been on the side of patients and their care since the pandemic started, of course, supports the investigation.



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