Someone Just Blew a Major Hole in Buttigieg’s “Electric Car” Scheme

And with one simple question!

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Ever since Biden took office, gas prices have been steadily rising, but now amid the Ukraine/Russia conflict, rates are jumping at an extremely fast rate.

Biden’s administration has responded to the high-prices alerts, convincing people to buy electric cars, and thus, kill ‘two flies with a single shot’ – saving and caring for the environment at the same time.

Secretary of Transportation Peter Buttigieg, recently suggested during a press event that Americans just need to get a $60,000 electric car so they can stop worrying about gas prices.

But, as it’s the case in many of today’s actual and relevant questions, Twitter users hit the core of the problem, seeing right through.

A Twitter user under the name Rachel Jordan wondered:

These political elites are living in a bubble, and have zero clue how the rest of us live our lives.

And they couldn’t care less about the average American citizen.

Now think once more, WHY are they promoting electric cars?

Who has stocks and electric car factories???


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