President Trump Pushed The Limit With Comments Regarding Joe Biden’s Brain

This happened during the last barn-burner of a rally President Trump did in South Carolina.

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“President Donald Trump made his way to the Palmetto State Saturday night to speak at a rally held for him in Florence.

Trump began the night speaking on the current situation with Ukraine, in part claiming that under current President Joe Biden, “America’s neither feared nor respected,” Live 5 News reported.

“Despite all of Biden’s weakness, cowardice and incompetence, there is a path for him to end this strategy in Ukraine; without getting Americans snared in a gruesome and very bloody war,” Trump said. “This could lead to World War III.”

The former president went on to say nobody was tougher on Russia than him.

“I see what’s happening because if you think Putin is going to stop, it’s going to get worse and worse,” Trump said. “He’s not going to accept it. And we don’t have anyone to talk to him. You had somebody to talk to him with me.”

Most people believe that President Trump spoke the truth about Biden’s mental condition, something our media and even the GOP won’t do.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“No, he didn’t say the R word. He was politically correct lol”

“Well, say what you will, but it’s hard to disagree, right?”

“I miss this man and his brutal honesty”

“hey, maybe if our media actually did their job and reported on what we see and hear every single day with Biden, Trump wouldn’t have to be the one to call it out like this”

“He didnt say that, he was nice about it. Too nice, if you ask me”

“Man, I miss MEAN TWEETS!!!”

“He’s not wrong and everyone knows it, which is why they’ll lose their sh*t over this”

“The whole world is calling Biden this, and they’re also laughing at us”

“He didn’t say that! Physically & mentally challenged is what he said and he’s not lying!”

“He’s not wrong. Biden is both physically and mentally challenged.”

“Trump always sticks to the truth…”

“My God I miss this man and I miss the TRUTH”

What’s your opinion?


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