Pfizer CEO Announces The 4th Coronavirus Vaccine! What’s in The Clot Shot?

Albert Bourla, the Pfizer CEO, called for the fourth coronavirus vaccine!

You have to keep watching, and following this trap, you will learn the truth! If you trust the MSM, you will see the truth the hard way, with consequences.

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But, if you investigate and do research, you will protect yourself and your family and see the truth without consequences.

Do you know what’s inside the clot shot?

There are dangerous substances that will weaken your organism, resulting in tumors and cancers.

Many people already struggle with these diseases due to taking the vaccine.

Don’t be part of that group.

First, you have to know what they are putting inside your body, and later, when everything is clean and safe, you can allow the vaccination.

Watch the video below:


Banned Video

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