Pelosi HAMMERED As She Attempted To ‘Salute’ Ukraine Twice- And FAILS!

The Dems conference in Philly was like a conference for low-functioning nursing home patients!

Between Biden and Pelosi, I was expecting to hear a pitch of reverse mortgages.

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There’s a piece of writing on this conference, where Biden suggested to Americans how great his economy was. If you hear Nancy trying to say Ukraine, it is really a treat.

I haven’t heard her say that name properly. She called it Hungary!

Maybe she tried to say Slava Ukraini, meaning Glory to Ukraine, and she said something else.

Is this senility?

These are the online comments:

“It’s clear her advisors Jim Beam and Jack Daniels didn’t do their jobs”

“It’s like they are each saying, “hold my beer” when you ask who slurs the most!”

“The three-martini lunch gets her every time”

“Wow she’s hammered”

“A bat full of coronavirus could communicate better than that thing on the stage.”

“None of them are making sense. This is crazy.”

“Can any of these people actually speak?”

“we are being led by dementia ridden folks”

“There has got to be something in the water the Dems are drinking, has to be…or maybe they are just drinking all that Russian Vodka in protest???”

“Nancy needs to stop drinking first thing in the morning.”


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