Mindblowing Bombshell: Putin Tells Biden “We Have Found Your Biological Weapons”

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Wednesday that troops have found multiple U.S. biological weapons in Ukraine as part of their military operation in the country.

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Russia accused the U.S. of violations of the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention and has covered it up.

“There was a statement made by the Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, leave no doubt, will not give Washington to be silent this time. Their attempts, while spilling blood, to find biological and chemical weapons throughout the world. We have found your own products. We have found your biological material. As it turns out it was all happening in Ukraine,” the Russian government said in a statement.

President Putin now wants President Biden to personally explain the bio labs in Ukraine.

Also, on Tuesday, the official spokesman for the China Communist Government confronted the United States on its 336 biological labs in 30 countries around the world. According to China, there are 26 US biological labs in Ukraine alone.


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