Mike Adams With Emergency Warning: People Will Die From Artificial Fertilizer Shortage!

Mike Adams from naturalnews.com was a guest on the Alex Jones Show to share how many people will die because of the artificial fertilizer shortage.

You will get critical information about hydrocarbons, CO2, fertilizer, crop yields, economic sanctions, and the upcoming global starvation that has been set into motion.

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You have to understand this to anticipate and navigate the engineered global famine that has been set into motion.

You’ll need to understand three equations to decode what’s happening.

These are the equations:

  • Photosynthesis:
  • Hydrocarbon combustion
  • The Haber equation for creating fertilizer:


It’s when the plants can consume CO2 as a food nutrient. It’s combined with water and sunlight while releasing the oxygen we breathe.

Without CO2 in the atmosphere, we will die because the plants would die, and the global ecosystem will collapse.

Hydrocarbon Combustion

Clean hydrocarbons as natural gas can produce kinetic energy and heat. The byproducts of this combustion are water and CO2.

Hydrocarbons release CO2 that the plans ask to produce crop yields. The radical left wants to ban fossil fuels and hydrocarbons, indirectly attacking global crop yields.

The Haber equation

The Haber equation is how hydrocarbons are combined with atmospheric nitrogen to create nitrogen fertilizer used by plants. Hydrocarbons are crucial for ammonia production.

We can’t use solar panels to efficiently produce fertilizer.

Russia and Ukraine are among the world’s largest producers of nitrogen fertilizers and grain crops.

FAO (UN) reported that Ukraine and Russia have 28% of global wheat exports. Ukraine has banned all exports of wheat, oats, millet, buckwheat, etc.

That would cause a global supply shortage crisis in these grains, leading even more scarcity and price inflation for the upcoming year or two.

Watch the video below:


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