Katie Pavlich Makes It Plain Obvious to Everyone What Biden is Actually Doing With “Gas Prices”

Americans are at their wit’s end right now, as gas prices are soaring out of control.

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Conservative pundit Katie Pavlich is pumping the brakes on that theory … this gas-choke has been in the works for a while now, and it’s part of a much bigger plan.

But to distract from the “plan” Biden and the media are once again blaming Russia.

Here’s what Katie said: “Before the narrative gets too carried away: Gas prices aren’t up because the White House is banning Russian oil. They’re up because Joe Biden campaigned on an energy “transition” away from oil and launched a war on domestic-U.S. production.”

She’s 100% on-point…

The “Green” Reset,” if you will… it’s been in the making for a while and it’s not a secret.

Here’s what people online are saying about Katie’s tweet:

“If Republican Politicians had courage, this would be what they too say.”

“Yep. All is going according to it. We need to replace our corrupt government NOW.”

“Yikes! Crude oil now trading at $129, up nearly $10 a barrel from yesterday”

“America, I hope you’re smarter than the Dems think you are. We started paying more for gas last year. Yes, the lack of this Admin response to stop Putin has exasperated the problem, but gas prices started going up a year ago! “

“#FACT Gas prices had already DOUBLED under Dementia Man BEFORE Ukraine/Russia! Never forget that! The LYING, POS liberal MSM wants you to think otherwise!”

“Real Americans know, without a doubt, that this is all on Biden Obama’s corrupt America hating government”

“Accurate. Do not let the talking heads provide a false narratives. Fuel is up due to the Green Energy idiots in the govt. No other reason.”

“There is nothing more dangerous than the climate change agenda. It’s literally the root of all this evil”


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