Judicial Watch: What is Biden Hiding in Delaware?

Judicial Watch is one very close step to finding out and sorting things straight.

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Biden’s bizarre trips and closed Senate records are top-secret. In Delaware.

And that’s exactly what Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton wants to know, and thanks to a new country victory he just got closer to finding out.

“Biden has a secret deal to keep every single one of his Senate records from the American people (including communications with Putin!)… @JudicialWatch just got a nice court victory over this corruption:” Fitton said.

“The files were donated to the university in 2012 and likely cover Biden’s 36-year career in the Senate. Under an agreement with the former vice president, the University of Delaware has said it will not release the record until two years after Biden retires from public life,” reports confirm.

“Fitton said he finds it “unusual” that Biden and the University of Delaware are going to the trouble of withholding the records. “I encourage Vice President Biden to intervene and release these records,” Fitton said, arguing the university has no legal right to withhold the files from the public.”

According to original reports published by Judicial Watch,

“The Delaware Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the University of Delaware must provide more information justifying its decision to keep secret its deal to house and restrict access to the U.S. Senate records of President Joe Biden. The Delaware Supreme Court reversed the Delaware Superior Court and found that the University of Delaware had not carried its burden justifying its refusal to produce records. The case returns to the Delaware Superior Court for further proceedings.”


“Tara Reade, who has accused Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993 when she worked as a staff assistant to the then-senator, has said that she believes a workplace discrimination and harassment complaint she filed against Biden at the time may be in the records housed at the University of Delaware. Biden also admitted to communicating with Vladimir Putin and other foreign leaders when he was a United State Senator.

In January 2021, Judicial Watch filed an appeal to the Delaware Supreme Court, asking for a reversal of the opinion of the Delaware Superior Court, which blocked a state FOIA request for access to records about President Biden’s senatorial records held by the University of Delaware. Biden’s papers include more than 1,850 boxes of archival records from his Senate career.

In yesterday’s opinion, Delaware Supreme Court ruled that the state’s open records law requires the University must provide additional information, under oath, to justify its refusal to produce records about its dealings with Biden:

[U]nless it is clear on the face of the request that the demanded records are not subject to FOIA, the satisfaction of Section 10005(c)’s burden of proof requires a statement made under oath. Such a reading of the statutory text is also supported by the statute’s purpose. FOIA safeguards a democratic society by ensuring the meetings and records of governmental entities are available to the public….

Therefore, if a public body is to deny citizens an opportunity to “observe the performance of public officials and to monitor the decisions that are made by such officials,” the public body must satisfy its burden of proof under FOIA in a manner that tracks the seriousness of the statute’s purpose and policy. Statements made under oath, such as through a sworn affidavit, accomplish that goal; they bear earmarks of reliability and instill a measure of seriousness in the affiant by subjecting the affiant to the risk of penalty of perjury.”


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