Journalist Glenn Greenwald Dug Around Mitt Romney

He found THE WORSE possible photo and shared it. And Mitt ain’t liking it one tiny bit.

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RINO Mitt Romney is facing quite a lot of heat for his nasty comments towards Tulsi Gabbard.

He recently lashed out on Twitter, where he called veteran Gabbard “treasonous,” after she shared a video discussing the existence of U.S. bio labs in Ukraine and her concerns.

Romney received one heck of a response online for that tweet and the backlash is far from over.

As a matter of fact, independent journalist Glenn Greenwald just dug up a photo of Mitt that casts him in a very bad light:

Mitt looks like an absolute huckster in the old photo with money stuffed in his clothes, grimacing like a “Wolf on Wall Street.”

Of course, that’s just one stain on Mitt’s record, let’s not forget some of his recent exploits that definitely aren’t scoring him any points with conservatives.

If you feel like digging up more dirt and adding stains to his stainy record – feel free to add your own suggestions!


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