HUGE: Trump With PERFECT Response To High Gas Prices!

Democrats spent four long years classifying Trump as the most dangerous president.

But, in his time, there weren’t Russian invasions, sky-rocketing gas prices, debilitating economic inflation.

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However, many people don’t buy the Dems’ talking points.

Trump embraces the newfound appreciation he’s receiving from the Americans. Maybe he’s banned on Twitter, but he could share his thoughts on social media by spokesperson Liz Harrington.

The gas broke the record per-gallon cost of all time this week, and it seems that one prediction Trump made in the 2020 campaign became a reality.

The Western Journal reported:

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average price per gallon of gas at the time of this speech was $2.20.

However, Trump made a dire prediction during the speech as to what would happen if Joe Biden was elected.

“If Biden got in, you’d be paying seven dollars, eight dollars, nine dollars,” Trump said. “Then they’d say, ‘get rid of your car.’”

At the time, establishment media outlets criticized Trump for this prediction. The Washington Post called it “dubious” and cited “experts” who said concerns about a rise in gas prices under Biden were “overblown.”

Check this out:

Biden wanted to deflect and declared that his admin couldn’t do anything to lower the costs.

Breitbart reported:

President Joe Biden shrugged at high gas prices on Tuesday, just hours after promising Americans he would do whatever it took to lower them.

“Can’t do much right now,” he told reporters when asked about the spike in gas prices. “Russia is responsible.”

Biden spoke about gas prices after exiting Air Force One in Texas for an event on veterans’ health care.

When reporters asked Biden what his message to Americans suffering the effects of high gas prices was, he replied, “They’re going to go up.”

Watch the video below:


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