Have You Ever Heard The Bizarre “Casual Southern” Style of Speaking of Our VP?

Kamala Harris is one of the biggest political train wrecks to ever chug down the tracks.

And we’re offering proof in this article.

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Our “dear” VP, Kamala Harris probably is a raging narcissist who thinks she’s the smartest person in the room and looks at “coaching” or “assistance” as a weakness and something she doesn’t need.

And she has visited “vulnerable” Europe.

In her latest remarks overseas, Kamala has adopted some bizarre, very casual “southern style,” where she’s using words like “gotta,” and “ain’t.” when TALKIN’ ‘BOUT FRIENDS, YA’LL…

Here’s what people online think about this Kamala’s “gaffe” or “effort”.

“How can a politician at her level be that bad? Dan Qualye 2.0”

“Is this a joke? MY GOD”

“Ya’ll gotta be cool wich ya homies, yo…that’s the vibe of this”

“What leadership this is lmao”

“Every day I am more amazed by how awful this admin is”

“This can’t be real, can it????”

“Imagine for 1 second if this were trump. The hypocrisy from the democrats & liberals is truly amazing.”

“And dems said Trump was “embarrassing”??? lol are they serious?”

“Is this a Sesame Street episode?”

“Why is she talking like a random southerner in Poland?”

“Sometimes it’s difficult. Often it ain’t easy.” Ya think? This is the vice president of the United States on the world stage. God help us.”

“Who is writing these remarks for her? Snoop dawg?”

“Is she talking to preschoolers or people with traumatic head injuries?”

“Please make her stop speaking in public. She’s setting women in workplace back 50 years”

“This is beyond embarrassing”

“She’s either smoking too much pot or on some pills.”

“Youd think she’d take public speaking lessons by now.”

“When was the last time a Vice President switched into urban mode and said, “it ain’t easy”. Wow, just embarrassing.”

“The President of the United States has dementia. And the Vice President of the United States is an idiot. Way to go Democrats.”

“Who is writing this garbage. Is she really stupid enough to keep reading trash from so pink hair moron staffer every other day?”

“She is VP and using the word ain’t out of the million words she could use”

What would you like to add?


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