German Hospital Won’t Treat Russian And Belarusian Patients!

One German Hospital announced that they would no longer treat Russian and Belarusian civilians this Friday.

If you are Russian and Belarusian and get sick, then Iatros Clinic will take you on a hike…

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RTL News reported:

A strong statement in support of Ukrainian war victims – that’s what it should be. But a letter from the Munich Iatros Clinic created a shitstorm instead of feelings of solidarity. The Bavarian private clinic in Munich had announced that it would no longer treat Russian and Belarusian patients. The clinic management followed up on huge criticism with another statement.

In the letter from last Friday (March 4) the private clinic in Munich said, among other things: “We strongly condemn the invasion of the Russian army with the help of the Belarusian government.” Specifically, a few lines later: “Therefore, from now on and until further notice, we will not treat Russian and Belarusian citizens.”

This sentence sparked criticism on social networks. Instead of solidarity, thousands of users saw racism and exclusion in the announcement.

The clinic did not leave the many negative Google reviews and comments on Facebook unanswered. The private clinic has published a statement on its website. It states: “Our intention was to show sympathy for the Ukrainian people”. In addition, the clinic admits the mistake: “At that point in time, this thought had not been thought through to the end.” It goes on to say: “We fully accept this criticism.”

The question remains whether the decision will be reversed. Even if the apologetic lines suggest it: “We are far from discriminating against or excluding patients because of their origin. We apologize for giving this impression.” In addition, the clinic donated 10,000 euros to Doctors Without Borders to support their work in Ukraine.


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